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Being a field veterinarian I have realized the importance of women in livestock rearing in India. This article is just to give a little honor to women involved in the livestock rearing on the occasion of the WWD.

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They are also involved in milk production, although not all women control the sale of milk and its products. As per Censusout of total female main workers, helminths chart per cent were agricultural labourers and 24 per cent were cultivators.

However, only Moreover, there is concentration of operational helminths chart Rural women perform numerous labour intensive jobs such as weeding, hoeing, grass cutting, picking, cotton stick collection, separation of seeds from fibre, keeping of livestock and its other associated activities like milking, milk processing, preparation of ghee, etc.

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Women comprise half of the rural population. Helminths chart is an agriculture based country and livestock sector is an integral component of it and livestock is generally considered a key helminths chart for rural livelihoods.

It offers advantages over other agricultural sectors and is an entry point for promoting gender balance in rural areas. In most societies, all household members have access to livestock and are involved in production as well as livestock production systems offer the potential for introducing a wide range of project activities to both genders.

Gender refers to the socially constructed roles and status of women and men, girls and boys.

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It is a set of culturally specific characteristics defining the social behaviour of women helminths chart men, and the relationship between them. Gender roles, status and relations vary according to place countries, regions and villagesgroups class, ethnic, religious and castegenerations and stages of the lifecycle of individuals. Gender relations determine household security, well-being of the family, planning, production and many other aspects of life.

Debrecen is the traditional economic and cultural center of Eastern Hungary. In the 16th century Debrecen became the center of the Reformed Church in Hungary and later it was referred to as the "Calvinist Rome". The 17th century was regarded as the golden age of helminths chart city because Debrecen became the mediator between the three parts of Hungary: the part under Turkish occupation, the Kingdom of Hungary and the Principality of Transylvania.

In India, livestock production is largely in the hands of women. In fact animal husbandry is becoming feminized. Most of the animal farming activities such as fodder collection, feeding, watering, and health care, management, milking helminths chart household-level processing, value addition and marketing are performed by women. Despite their considerable involvement and contribution, significant gender inequalities also exist helminths chart access to technologies, credit, information, inputs and services probably because of inequities in ownership of productive assets including land and livestock.

The rapidly increasing demand for livestock products creates opportunities for empowerment of women.

Therefore, there is a helminths chart to correct gender bias in livestock sector, veterinary education, research and service delivery systems as to enhance the effectiveness of women-oriented livestock development programs. Livestock is an important sub-sector of the agricultural economy and contributes close to 40 per cent of the agriculture income and 6 per cent of the GDP.

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Micro studies reveal that women undertake a wide range of activities at the farms and at home. Their involvement in farm work especially in the post-harvest operations is enormous. After the harvest, drying, cleaning and storage of grains are the exclusive responsibilities of women.

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Their contribution is also significant in the preparation of seed, collection of farmyard manure, weeding, harvesting etc. Similarly, livestock management has always been considered to be the sole responsibility of women.

For the peasant women, the farm manure is important as a source of helminths chart and as a source to helminths chart the family income. Around 50 to 60 per cent of rural women are engaged in income and expenditure decisions of the household.

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Helminths chart according to estimates, the time devoted by them in livestock related activities range from three to five hours per day. Women take responsibility for cutting fodder, cleaning sheds, milking dairy animals, processing animal products and looking after the health of the herd. India, the current leader in dairy world, rank 1st in milk production with a production level of million helminths chart of milk growing steadily at a helminths chart annual growth rate of about 6.

The capacity of livestock systems to provide protein-rich food to billions of smallholder rural food producers and urban consumers, generate income and employment, reduce vulnerabilities in pastoral systems, intensify small-scale mixed crop-livestock systems and sustain livelihood opportunities to millions of livestock keepers ILRI, makes them an appealing vehicle for pro-poor development.

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Increased consumption of livestock products, particularly in the fast-growing economies of the developing world, has been an important determinant of rising prices for meat and milk. These helminths chart surges provide new incentives and opportunities for using livestock as an instrument to help poor people escape poverty due to the multiple helminths chart that they mindenféle férgekből származó tabletták emberek számára and the multiple roles that they play in different production systems.

Livestock provide income, create helminths chart opportunities and provide food and nutrition security across different production systems and along different value chains.

Moreover, vulnerable groups, particularly women and the landless, frequently engage in livestock production, thus highlighting the multifaceted virtues of livestock promotion as a pathway out of poverty. It also play important roles in securing household food security.

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This happens through various pathways: i in times of food shortages, households sell livestock to purchase helminths chart food such as cereals and legumes; ii income from regular livestock and livestock product sales is used for food purchases to supplement household food production and to diversify diets; iii livestock and livestock products are consumed and provide a protein diet for households.

It is estimated that about 70 million rural households own livestock of one species or the other. The resource-poor small and marginal farmers and landless labourers own majority of the livestock resources.

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Hence sustainable development of the helminths chart sector would lead to more inclusive development and empowerment of women. Young girls are also involved in the grazing of goats and sheep whereas married and young women are helminths chart for household activities.

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Most of the work and decision-making by women takes place at the household level, in which important decisions are taken jointly by both the man and woman heading the household.

These decisions include which animals to sell and at what price, disease diagnosis and treatment of sick animals.

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Gender-blindness is the result partly of helminths chart paternalistic bias, and partly due to the attitudes of the women themselves, who may be conditioned by their culture and society to underestimate the value of their work. Access, control and management of such resources as small ruminants, helminths chart areas anthelmintikus gyógyszerek besorolása feed resources empower women and lead to an overall positive impact on the welfare of the household.

Women face greater constraints than men in accessing natural resources, extension services, marketing opportunities and financial services as well as in exercising their decision-making powers.

These constraints often prevent women from reaching their full potential within the agricultural sector, including livestock, and therefore compromise the achievement of overall household food security and nutrition.