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Ingyenes WiFi 5,7 The location is excellent and reachable by tram to get to the destination in every 5' to planned route Eneida Albánia The hotel is pretty good. My room was clean as well as a bathroom.

a legszebb helmint

The view is also good, we were on the 6th floor, so you can see Atomium from the window. Kate Írország I stayed here second time, as expected the room was clean with comfortable bed, kind staff.

a legszebb helmint

The TV has Netflix. The warmer works very good. You can get a room with a sight of the Atomium.

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Pierre Spanyolország The staff is helpful and wonderful. I would especially like to commend the receptionist who worked a legszebb helmint the 3rd shift on the last day of his stay: a legszebb helmint offered to help with the purchase of my tickets, the search for transport, I was overwhelmed and I would like to thank him again.

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Nina Montenegró Communicative receptionist, willing to help. Nice view.

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Right opposide a legszebb helmint was a cake shop with delicious cheesecakes. Near turkish?

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Marcela Szlovákia The hotel is located near the city centre, there are some trams nearby that go there. The hotel is clean and cozy.

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